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The Aico Ei3000MRF SmartLINK Module is a an ingenious little gadget that wirelessly interlinks your 3000 Series Aico alarms using radio frequency (RF) interconnection. Aico's updated SmartLINK technology allows you to get easy-to-read "Alarm Status" reports from your alarm sent directly to your smartphone or tablet via the free AudioLINK App. With the interlinking feature, you can get reports for any alarm in your alarm system. You will also get real-time notifications if your alarms are triggered, whether it's a false alert or the real deal.

The installation of your SmartLINK Module couldn't be easier: Plug it into the slot in the back of the Alarm head, and your alarm will flash with red, blue and green LEDs to signify that the module has been fitted correctly. When installed correctly, the entire Module disappears into the Aico device.

The module includes a clever Remote Alarm Learn entry feature that allows the installer to reactivate the entire system house code from just one device. Additional devices can then be added and house coded accordingly, making your fire or CO alarm system easy to control and keep on top of faults and any maintenance etc.

Aico Ei3000MRF SmartLINK Module

Excluding VAT |
    • Interlinking module for Aico alarm systems using radio frequency (RF)
    • Interlink up to 12 Aico devices using the Module
    • Powered by the alarm it's connected to
    • Radio frequency range: >100 metres in free air, 30 metres in standard property
    • Forecast alarm replacements and maintenance
    • Remote Alarm Learn entry
    • 5 year warranty
    • Dimensions: 80x18x16mm
  • We are happy to accept returns within 28 days of the order date, provided they are in a resale-able condition. Please keep your order confirmation or receipt.

    For faulty goods, please call us and we'll be happy to exchange within the warranty period for each product.

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